Monday, 4 October 2010

A Chinese Adventure

You're not getting a recipe today but I stumbled across a couple of old pictures. Well old is probably relative, they're from July when Verena, Manuel and I went on a wild adventure to this amazing Chinese take-away in St Monans (ok, we kinda kidnapped Manuel and then tortured him with cheesy music in the car, but once we had the food there was very little complaining going on). Anyhow, it was a gorgeous evening and the three of us and Kermit went on our drive through the countryside.

We drove past strawberry fields, past cows, and saw some pretty amazing clouds (let these pictures give you a hint why I prefer to work in the macro range...) to Wok and Spice.

And then we didn't even get any healthy ostrich. We decided to order what turned out to be enough for an small army which meant it took a while to get ready.
But oh the food! Once we had it sitting in the car the only thing we could think about was getting back to St Andrews to eat it. Hmmm…oh, and I kinda lost interest in my camera when it got to the actual eating part, but I'm pretty sure so would you :)

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