Monday, 25 October 2010

Brunch and the Amazingness of Quince

© Anna Blanch

We had brunch yesterday. I made the Quince Buckwheat & Spelt Pancakes, had another discussion whether that combination could even remotely work, ate too many muffins and apple cake and just had a really good time (who cares whether anyone else is having a good time if I'm having one) and I now hope that all those lovely people who showed up will want to come back again :)

One of the pancakes even looked a bit like a brain!!!!
Which got me thinking that we should definitely start making more pancakes like Jim's because the stuff he does is beyond cool!!!

Just ignore the bad picture, it already looked horrendous when I took it but I was too hungry to keep trying...

Anyhow, the reason we had this brunch was that I finally managed to get hold of some quince last week so after doing a dance of joy standing outside the greengrocer's I decided it was time for brunch again.
I don't even know why I love quince so much. But I do. In nearly every form I have met them so far. I like them as quince cheese with some blue cheese or even some pasta, I love them in the pancakes, they're even more amazing in a quince and chicken curry (I'll have to make that some time soon!) and quince jelly is the best topping for Hefezopf on a Sunday morning when you've just gotten back from the swimming pool and you feel like you're gonna faint if you don't eat something like right now.
In the UK quince are in season right now, don't ask me about the States or the Continent (that's what the internet is for :) ) but I think you should make something with quince as well! And then tell me about it!
Or even better, make it for me :)

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