Wednesday, 27 October 2010

National Novel Writing Month

Ok, I admit it, I've been doing too much lately...I'm starting to get desperate for sleep and the work I have to do until Saturday morning just doesn't seem to stop piling up (and if I have one more person telling me that something doesn't take much time and that I could just do it during a coffee break I'll shout at them because I don't remember the last coffee break I had...) BUT I keep telling myself that it will all be fine because on Saturday I am flying to the States for 3 weeks :)
I'll try to check in from time to time but I won't be doing much cooking, I can promise you that...
What I'm going to do instead is write about writing.

In case you haven't heard about it, November is National Novel Writing Month (they have lots of international  'regions' so I'm a bit lost on why it's called 'National' but hey ho (as Jeannie would say)) and the idea is that you sign up (for free) and then you try to write 50.000 words in that month (that's just under 1700 words a day, that's doable...I've written that much in 2 hours before essay deadlines in 3rd year).
I think this is like the coolest idea on the planet (perhaps second to Ben&Jerry's having the idea to make Phish Food) and while I would very much like to try to write a novel (and bore you all to death) the 50.000 word thing got me thinking. 
I know a lot of you are, like me, doing a PhD and I've never chatted to anyone who doesn't feel like they're crazy far behind on their writing. At the moment I try not to think about all that data that I've got piling up in this folder on my desktop that is entitled 'Random Stuff, Needs Sorting' so I've decided to do my very own version of NaNoWriMo. I'm gonna aim to write 50.000 words on my thesis. It's not all gonna be good, a probably quite large percentage might get cut out and I might only end up with 30.000 words. BUT it's gonna be more than what I have so far.
So I've set myself the challenge to sit down and finally get going on those partially drafted chapters in the scary folder I avoid looking at.

© Regine Kattner -Zeiner
You should join me! Or decide to write an actual novel in that month. Or just keep reading my blog (I promise I will be back with recipes in December when I'm back in St Andrews and when I will be recovering from the writing and what is starting to look like an amazingly amazing Thanksgiving party.
If you decide to join me, please let me know so I don't feel as alone :) and even while I'm gone - I'm always at the end of an email and would love to hear all your gossip that I'll be missing out on!!!

Note: My friend Anna is going join me (and hopefully you). She's written about the idea on her blog Goannatree. I will make an extra page and get around to making a button and things you can put up on your blog if you want but that won't happen until the weekend, so keep your eye's out for that :)

Another Note: I've created a new blog for the  challenge over at The 50.000 Word Challenge. Join me there from Monday!

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  1. i'm in....and if i have the extra brain space, i'll probably write about it on my blog too!


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