Thursday, 21 October 2010


I was going through some photos from this summer (ok, I must admit, I was sitting there with my hot water bottle trying to get some feeling back into my hands while trying to remember those amazing days earlier this year when the temperatures were in the mid 30s) and I came across some pictures from my mum's birthday.
Juliane and I made lots of mezze and spend the entire evening gossiping and taking photos (oh, and opening the front door ever 5 seconds or so) and my dad made this amazing plate overflowing with bruschetta.
Yes, tomatoes are definitely not in season right now and no, I didn't make them myself, so the recipe is for how my dad taught me to make them years and years ago.
Oh, and if you're looking for an authentic recipe, go and look for another blog :)
But, I thought you might need some warming up, too.

Some baguette
Olive oil

Dice the tomatoes, chop the basil roughly, mix them together, add some olive oil and season with some salt and pepper.
Toast slices of the baguette in your toaster or under the grill, once they're done, slice a clove of garlic into two pieces and rub one side of the warm bread with the garlic.
Spoon the tomato mix onto the bread and enjoy.

What is your favourite summer memory of the year? Did you eat anything particularly good?

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