Sunday Salon

I have started a series of posts called Sunday Salon where I get some great people to share their thoughts with us. The idea was born partly out of the response I received from you about a number of blog posts about food but also by the simple fact that I think I know some incredible people who also write beautifully. And while a lot of them have their own blogs as well, most of us write about very specific things. Things we all care about but just one of many things we care about.
The only guidance I give is 'write about something you care about' (ok, and then there have been a few hours of discussions about which one of the many interesting things one could write about).
At first glance, the only thing that unites these posts is that the authors are writing about something they care about. Judging  from the discussions that have been happening both in the comments and via email and fb in response to the posts, however, most of these topics are things a lot of you care about, too.
Below is a list of the posts so far. If you would like to contribute to the series and we haven't met (yet), please let me know (tea.cake.and.sandwiches (at)
We're not just loosing a Currency, we're loosing a Dream

And in case you're interested, here are the posts that started it all.

I can't think of the other ones right now but I'll keep adding them to this page.
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