Saturday, 4 February 2012


Sometimes I really don't like food.
Sometimes I don't understand how something that should be so much fun can turn into so much drama and hassle.
Like when I have no real control over what I'm eating because I eat out for lunch and then I'm eating with other people for dinner.
When I'm stressed out and not hungry (not the kind of stressed out that makes you eat like there's no tomorrow, the stressed out when you're past hungry) and then someone in my dinner party starts making a big scene that I haven't even eaten half the pizza.
When the next time I am out with that group I eat all the food on my plate so people will leave me alone, and then I feel sick for the rest of the night.
When I've just eaten an entire bar of chocolate and I have to realise that I don't feel any better...actually, if I were actually honest with myself in that situation I would have to admit that doing that kinda thing makes me feel worse...even when it seemed like a fun idea at the time.
When I am invited over to someone's house for dinner and I really don't like the food they're cooking but it's impolite to not eat it.
And most recently when I get home from the building site that is my apartment at crazy o'clock and I moved past hungry about 3 hours earlier and am too tired to even look at the fridge.

But other times I love food.
When I try a new dish and it feels like my tastebuds are exploding.
When I make these brownies...any brownies really..
When I have dinner with people I care about and I don't even realise how amazing the food is because I'm having such a good time.
When I manage to cook something I was scared of trying and then it turns out fabulously.
When I have someone ask me for a recipe and I can get creative trying to find something that will fit the bill (Verena - I am honing in on a winner with the gluten-free pancakes!).
When I'm eating super fresh oranges over the sink in a hotel bedroom with some of the loveliest people ever, trying to not fall into the bathtub because I'm laughing so hard. Actually, any kind of hotel-room picnic really (like watermelons in Budapest with lovely Katharina (the other one) Sonja and Juliane, or room-service pasta in Kandy).
When I feel people connect over a dinner (or even just while talking about a recipe).

When do you feel like food is the most fabulous thing ever? When do you wish we didn't have to eat at all?


  1. It's too bad we always meet at conferences, where there is no cooking involved. I would love so much to be at one of those dinner parties. I hope there are many more sometimes of the second half :) take care!


    1. Well how about we change that this time around! And if we can't hijack a kitchen, we should at least get a group together and have a proper picnic under the boardwalk :)

    2. Sounds pretty good to me! I might get the big suite at the staybridge so I could have kind of a kitchen :)

    3. I'm potentially sharing a room / suite with the biggest foodie I know in the CVR. Perhaps we should liaise a VSS dinner party? :)

    4. This is sounding better and better :)
      I don't know where we're staying yet, but the Staybridge is a definite option...
      So yes, VSS dinner party!! I'm soo in!!!

  2. Ich mag am liebsten, wenn ich etwas "frisches" esse. Ob das eine Möhre ist oder ein Apfel egal. Auch ein frisches selbstgemachtes Muffin oder Brownie oder was auch immer.
    Aber ich mag nicht was in Plastik verpacktes aus dem Supermarkt. Brrrrrrrrrrrr Dann ist es eklig!!! Egal ob tütensuppe oder schoko oder sonstwas.

    Alles Frische hingegen ist ein Traum!

    1. Hmm...und morgen mach' ich erstmal Brownies :)

  3. So ein Zufall! Ich habe letzte Woche daheim die Fotos aus Budapest angeschaut und auch an die Melonen gedacht.
    (Ich mochte diese Stadt damals so gerne, und jetzt sind alle Nachrichten aus Ungarn so deprimierend - aber das ist natürlich eine andere Geschichte...)

    1. Das is gerade alles nur so blöd weil die nicht genügend Wassermelonen essen....

  4. Yes and Yes! Miss you and our 3 course dinners of wonderfulness. I love the creativity they prompt.


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