Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mini-Banoffee Pies

So a while ago I was complaining how my SD card was acting up...I take it all back, I'm simply to stupid to look in all the different subfolders on it (why my camera has decided to create different subfolders is not that clear to me though) so guess what, I found loads of photos that I had already given up on :) (today is gonna be a good day! I can feel it!)
Anyhow, so instead of a pretty amazing apple sauce (which you'll probably get this weekend) you are now getting the amazingly amazing mini-banoffee pies I made for Anna's birthday.
They are pretty similar to the Strawboffee Pie recipe I posted a while back.
A random bit of information - 100% of people who have come here via a search engine at some point since the beginning of August searched for a strawboffee pie recipe...not quite sure whether that's supposed to make me happy or sad.
Right, back to the pies, the main difference is that they don't use cream so they are a non-dairy-lover's dream :)

Mini-Banoffee Pies
1 Hobnob per person
Bananas (1 for 2-3 portions tends to work well)
Plain soy cream cheese (I like the tofutti)
Soy cream
1-2 tbsp Sugar
Vanilla extract
Caramel (this is the deciding ingredient if you want to make this recipe vegan, if you use the normal stuff in the tin from someone like Carnation or Dairy Maid it will obviously have milk in, but if you  make it yourself you can make it without dairy which will make the recipe properly vegan)

Whip the cream cheese and the soy cream together, add some sugar (you're not aiming for properly sweet, don't forget it's gonna go on top of the caramel, so try after you've added the first spoonful).
Mix in the vanilla extract and set the mixture aside.
Slice the banana into 1 pound coin thick slices.
Put a hobnob onto each plate, top with 2-3tsp caramel, add some banana slices and then finish it off with a dollop of the soy-cream mix.
Now, since it was Anna's birthday we obviously had to add sprinkles (and you have other people to thank that they weren't the full on Barbie sprinkles or the Scooby Doo ones)
They are amazing after a light dinner but I must admit they were also amazing for breakfast the next morning (I made a fresh one) when I realized that I didn't have any actual food in the fridge.
So while I think they would be amazing with some desert wine, they are also quite amazing with a cup of tea :)

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