Monday, 13 September 2010

Tuna Sandwich Filling

I made my way down to Oxford yesterday and while I have now decided that 6 hours is my absolute limit for enjoying anything car-related I got to make a packed lunch (ok, probably closer to enough food to feed a large family for 2 weeks) and it made me realize again how much I love making packed lunch (not on a regular basis, don't even get any ideas revolving around me making a packed lunch for more than one day in a row). So I got slightly carried away :)
Today's recipe is a sandwich filling which I found in one of the Asterix cookbooks (yes, you're thinking about the right thing when you're thinking comic books) which my mum got for me when I was 10 or so. They have lots of fun easy recipes in them that they related to scenes in the different books. If I remember correct this one was related to the fishmonger beating up whoever he always used to beat up...was that the ironsmith?
Anyhow, lots of fun recipes that actually made it into my repertoire. This filling is easy to make and works nicely on it's own or with sweetcorn or cucumber or pretty much anything else you might want to put on your sandwich.
So to celebrate both the little Gaul's amazingness and me not killing anyone on the drive down here we go:

Tuna Sandwich Filling
1 tin Tuna
3/4 of a tub of Cream cheese (I think they're 200g here but I'll check)
1tbsp Lemon juice
Smoked paprika
Chives (I didn't have any this time but they make it 10 times better!)

Attack the cream cheese with a fork so it gets a bit softer, mix in the tuna (mix until it's well incorporated), then add the lemon juice.
Season (i.e. don't just dump in the stuff but add small amounts and try as you go along :) crazy idea, I know).
Chop some chives and add them to the mix (1-2 tbsp should be enough for this).
Oh the joy :)

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