Saturday, 4 September 2010

Marzipan Pancakes

We had a girly brunch today for which I made these darlings.
I know I'm gonna sound like a bad imitation of Karl Lagerfeld's story of how he thought of this year's Spring collection, but basically I was drifting off last night when I suddenly had this one clear though of how amazingly awesome marzipan flavoured pancakes would be with an orange yoghurt cream. So off I went to the shop this morning to find some marzipan.
I'm not quite convinced by the orange yoghurt thing but I'm just gonna tell you what I did (and you get to do the improving, it might just need some whipped cream but I couldn't be bothered to make a second batch today - it's the weekend and I'm feeling decidedly lazy).

Marzipan Pancakes
11/3 cups Plain flour
1 cup Ground Almonds
11/2 tsp Baking powder
3/4 cup Marzipan, coarsely grated
3 Eggs, separated
1/3 cup Sugar
2 cups Buttermilk
1 pinch Salt

Beat the egg-whites until you have soft peaks forming, then put them aside until later.
Mix the flour, almonds, baking powder, egg-yolks, sugar, buttermilk, and salt. Then mix in 1/4 of the egg-whites and once they're properly mixed in, fold in the rest of the egg-whites and the marzipan.
Heat some butter in a pan and watch them turn into sheer amazingness while they're frying away :)

Orange Yoghurt Cream
Zest of 1 orange
4 tbsp Yoghurt
2 tsp Cointreau
2 tsp Agave syrup
Some whipped cream (I didn't add any but I think that might just do the job so add about 3 tbsp)

Mix everything together. If you're using the whipped cream I would fold it into the mix at the end.

Enjoy the pancakes in the company of some lovely people and with some awesome coffee :)

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