Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pear Infused Coconut Granita

So, before we continue in our quest to make the coolest desert you'll ever make let me tell you one thing about this granita - I don't think I've ever seen a litre of ice-cream or granita or anything disappear that fast from my freezer :) there were a lot of very happy faces (which made me very happy) and it turns out that it goes incredibly well with say the fruit salad I made a while ago (as an afternoon treat if you're having a bad day) or with the chocolate vodka (for example after fajitas while the people at your kitchen table talk about all the things you could possibly deep-fry...I love you guys!) or by itself while you're making Cape Malay Curry :) in a nutshell - it's the perfect desert!

Anyhow, let's make some coconut granita!

We're starting off where we left off with the poached pears. After you have removed the pears from the coconut mix, allow the liquid to cool. I highly recommend trying some while you're waiting. It gets a bit addictive but it's soooo nice!
Once it's all cooled down, transfer the mix into a freezer-proof container and stick it into your freezer. Unlike other granitas this one is very lazy. No checking every hour or so.
Leave the mix in the freezer overnight and then come back to it in the morning. I was worried I was going to come back to a solid block of ice but it turns out that I was wrong. Instead I had just about made it to a semi-fredo state.
Once you're there, break up larger lumps of ice with a fork (or if you feel like it, put it into a bowl and whisk it for a bit) then put everything back into the freezer and then wait until it's properly frozen ('s just as good if it's not properly frozen....but you know how much better it will taste if you make yourself wait...).
This tastes best in the company of some amazingly lovely people :)

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