Sunday, 13 March 2011

Coffee Granita

We have arrived at part three of our dessert odyssey :)
This granita goes incredibly well with the Coconut Poached Pears.
I have to add a warning though - I can drink coffee at any time of the day and still sleep (and I still believe anyone who can't is just not tired enough, but I've had that argument with several of you so we're just gonna leave it here) so while I think this is one of the coolest after-dinner treats (especially if you use nice coffee to start off with), if you know that coffee at dinner is really not a good idea for you, then you should potentially not make this for a dinner party (just a thought).
You could have it for breakfast though...granita for breakfast...hmm...
Anyhow, let's make some granita :)

Coffee Granita (after Vicky Bhogal)
8 Shots of Espresso
4 tbsp Sugar (I used unrefined cane sugar because I like the flavour)
Enough Cold Water to bring things up to 500ml
A pinch of Salt

In a jug mix the espresso, sugar, and salt and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Then add enough water so you have 500 ml coffee mix.
Pour into a freezer-proof container and freeze for an hour or so before stirring in the first crystals that should have formed by now. Repeat the freezing/stirring thing a few more times (decreasing the intervals) until you have something that resembles a fancy slushy. Now you can either serve it or leave it in the freezer. If you decide to freeze the granita for a while before serving, give it 10 minutes or so and some serious aggression with a fork before you serve it.
This goes incredibly well with the Coconut Poached Pears but it's really nice on its own as well.

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