Monday, 14 March 2011

The Bagel Project

Last week Louisa at The Wednesday Chef wrote about this bagel recipe by Peter Reinhart. Part of my amazement was probably mediated by the whole Lent thing (ok...probably more like 90% of it) but I started dreaming of bagels.
Bagels have always been one of those things that I had never quite gotten the hang of - I'm happy to poach a yeasty dough if the end product is going to be Hefeknöpfle (if you feel like learning a new word today, try to work out what they are :) ) and if we're talking about yeast and just an oven - there is probably no recipe that I wouldn't at least try once.
But bagels...I spent about a year during high-school trying several different bagel recipes and every single one of them failed rather spectacularly (think scraping the lower part off a baking sheet, bagels that were soo fluffy that I wouldn't really call them bagels, bagels that made a shoe-sole melt on your tongue in comparison) so I gave up after a while and resigned myself to buying them....until now :)
I mean who can resist trying one last recipe if it promises to be foolproof?
I certainly can't.
So, on Saturday I set out to finally master making my own bagels from scratch.
And I succeeded!
Well kinda - nothing burned to the pan or the baking sheet, I nearly got the texture that I wanted - but not quite.
So rather than giving you a recipe that I don't like 100% I shall leave you with another photo and will report back next weekend after another batch.


  1. Mmm yours look a bit like mine. We should compare notes!

  2. they look great....can't wait for the final version!

  3. Alex - I am going to make another batch next weekend, do you want to turn it into a baking-party?


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