Saturday, 19 March 2011

Leeks with a Vinaigrette

After all the deserts lately I was craving something at least slightly healthy so when I walked past some gorgeous looking leeks that were smiling at me in their light green, yellow, and white goodness I couldn't resist.
These are all lovely when you eat them warm but they are just as good if you cover them with the vinaigrette and leave them in the fridge. If you have them warm, make some salmon to go with them. It's one of my favourite combinations of flavours at the moment.

Leeks with a Vinaigrette
2 Leeks per person (or more if you want leftovers)
3 tbsp Vinegar
2 tsp Dijon Mustard
3 tbsp Oil (I like the flavour of olive oil but other people swear that plain vegetable gives you a nicer texture)
Some Water

Cook the leeks in a pan of salt water (no, the dark green stuff isn't nice, cut it off :) and you might want to wash of the sand...just saying...).
While the leeks are cooking away, make the vinaigrette. Traditionally you would go for a 3:1 ratio of oil and vinegar but I really don't like the taste so go for whatever ratio you like, the 1:1 one above is the one I like the best. If you are using quite a lot of vinegar you might want to add some water to tone down the acidity but again, go for whatever you like :) whatever you go for, mix the vinegar and mustard first, that way the emulsion will get thicker and will stay that way for longer. If you want to add some salt, add that before the oil as well, then whisk in the oil.
Once the leeks are done, which should take between 10 and 15 minutes, drain them and sit them onto a pretty plate.
Now you can either stare at them in adoration or you could just inhale them (guess which option I have been going for).

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