Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chocolate Vodka

© Sandra Reisinger

Not that I have to say much more :)
But this is what Sandra and I do when we get bored of working on that thesis thing on Saturday evenings.
Ok, what we actually do is drink wine and read cookbooks, and then we try to figure out what we can make that doesn't involve us actually having to go to the supermarket. So when we came across this recipe that asked for 1/3 of a bottle of vodka and 2 bars of chocolate we knew we were on to a winner.
And let me tell went so much better after we had a shot of this and stopped caring about the fact that it was a Saturday (and after accepting that there wasn't really anything else to do in town anyway) :)
Anyhow, this chocolate vodka is amazing but slightly lethal because you can't really taste the alcohol. So if you have more than just a drizzle over some ice cream or as part of a wicked milkshake - don't blame me if you do something stupid like not finishing work that evening :)

Chocolate Vodka
A bottle of Vodka that has 1/3 of the vodka left 
2 bars of dark chocolate
A 5cm piece of vanilla pod

Break the chocolate into pieces and stick it all into the bottle, add the vanilla and put the open bottle into a pot that's half filled with water.

Heat the water and watch the chocolate melt into the vodka. Once the chocolate is happily melting away (don't allow the water to boil though!), screw the top back on and give the bottle a good shake.
You might have to stick the bottle back into the water if there's still some chocolate pieces in there.
Once there are no chocolate bits left and you are staring at a boozy chocolatey mess go and have some fun :)

© Sandra Reisinger


  1. Lethal, yes. But oh so very amazing. And I maintain that all work after that was so much more productive.

  2. This sounds AWESOME. I want to make some right now, but I don't have any vodka...

  3. Hmm...I know this is gonna make me sound like a raging alcoholic...but you could have just gone to the petrol station....where is your dedication?!?!? :)


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