Friday, 11 February 2011

Next Week

All right, I'm on my way to go skiing and to try to get my current chapter to start looking semi respectable.

While I'll venture into the internet-free zone and will be suffering through email-withdrawal and writersblock :)

© Regine Kattner-Zeiner

I won't leave you alone (well at least if this blog does what I've told it to do)
I've written a couple of posts for you which will (hopefully) keep you entertained until I get back with photos and stories of food and success (hopefully both on the skiing and writing fronts).
So...there won't be any facebook links, but I do hope to see you here at some point during the week.


  1. Stop working.
    Just have fun making nice lines in the snow.

  2. Have fun skiing! Love the look of your pizzas, I have some dough rising right this minute ^_^


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