Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Joy Of Packing

I spent the last 30 minutes with my favourite pastime - packing.

Ok, that's really not true.

I hate packing......with a passion.

But I think, over the last couple of years I have gotten quite good at it.
I saw this post on the NYTimes website the other day and I started feeling surprisingly smug about myself when I was looking at their tips on how to pack efficiently.
Perhaps I should have become an airline pilot.
Thinking about it, it's not too late, perhaps I'll do that after I submit :)
Anyhow, I thought today could be a post about packing (and how to increase the amount of stuff you are schlepping (gosh, I love using this word in an English context) around with you by like 50 times :)

So here's a couple of super patronizing thoughts...

-Roll, don't fold (if you do just one thing,  do this, you'll be able to fit way more into your suitcase)

-Not sleeping the night before at the end of a summer course and then realizing around 8 in the morning that you should pack and then packing 2 suitcases in 15 minutes is a bad idea(doable but trust me - I've been there - very bad idea)

-Put what you think you'll need on your bed, then put at least 1/3 of it back into your wardrobe (you really don't need that much stuff)

-Yes, you can fit 10 days worth of stuff into your carry-on

-Some food in your carry-on is amazing. I have a sachet of protein-shake living in mine, why waste your time trying to find bad food at an airport?

-Handwash soap is the best invention in probably forever! - Who wants to have smelly clothes or waste an hour or so at the laundromat...

-You know the plastic bags they give you at the airport - they're the perfect size to store cables and small electronic devices when you're travelling. Keep them and reuse them or go ZipLoc crazy.

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