Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Writing

For those of you who want recipes, just don't read this post :)
You could go to Luisa's blog, The Wednesday Chef who has an amazing salad recipe today, or read about almond croissants at delicious:days and be enchanted by Nicole's recipes the way I have been since I got her cookbook for Christmas.

For the rest of you, the blog for the 50,000 Word Challenge is relatively up and running (it's never gonna be pretty because I'd rather spend the hours that it will take me to be happy with it writing as opposed to worrying about the layout of a blog that will probably not be used after this month (or at least not for a while...)), check it out and let us know how you're getting on over the next couple of weeks.
Oh, and I promise, I'll be back with recipes soon. For now, let some attitude get you through the week :)


  1. It's so not fair that you're already finished for today and I haven't really started....


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