Saturday, 27 November 2010


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It's been a while :) and for once it was because I was too busy with all the cooking I've been doing :)
Nice change, isn't it?
For those of you who are confused by the whole Geography thing, St Andrews is part of the US when the 4th Thursday of November is concerned. If you wander the aisles of our supermarket at some point on Thursday afternoon you will find people frantically trying to find some cranberries (St Andrews always runs out of cranberries, another reason why you make your cranberry sauce in advance) trying to work out how much of ingredient xyz you need for 8 (I seriously had a girl ask me that when I was buying green beans on Thursday around 5, now I'm all for doing some last minute shopping but that felt like it was really pushing it time-wise), wondering what to replace eggs with (when I went shopping on Thursday there were about 3 cartons of eggs left).
What I find so amazing about this is how perfectly Thanksgiving fits into life in St Andrews.
So why do I normally celebrate Thanksgiving - I am not American (in case you haven't noticed before), but for me Thanksgiving is about more. It is about being thankful that you got to enjoy yet another lovely year on this planet without starving (unless you were to lazy to go to the supermarket), without too many bad things happening to your loved ones, and having some of the most lovely friends on this planet. And being aware of the fact that there are so many that haven't been as fortunate.
I would be perfectly happy to have my version of Thanksgiving at any time during the year but the end of November, when abstract season is driving me completely insane and the weather getting decidedly unpleasant is when I need to remind myself of all those things the most (and let's be honest, who wants to eat way too much food in the middle of the summer).
To cut a long story short, I've had some of the most amazing food in a long time over the last couple of days. I am, incidentally finishing off this amazing pumpkin and chestnut pie as I'm writing this.
What I will do over the next couple of days is post some of the recipes for things we made.
Don't think of them as Thanksgiving recipes (especially the pie) just make them anyway because a lot of them (such as the salads) are intended to make fall a little bit less depressing by adding colour and some lovely flavours to your plate.

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