Friday, 12 November 2010

Crystal Cove Beach

I's been ages! I have driven from San Francisco to San Diego, visited some amazing places and have taken more pictures than I probably have in the entire past year.
So, to start us off, let's talk about Crystal Cove Beach :)
Crystal Cove State Reserve is just South of Newport Beach and on the Reserve are a few cabanas scattered along the beach.

Most of them were built in the 1930-50s and some of them have been done up and you can rent them.
I was lucky enough to get a single room in one of their dorm-style cottages and let me tell you - if you ever have the chance to go there - GO!!! It's like what I imagine Californian beach living to have been like in the 50s. It was amazing!!!
They have a restaurant and I had an amazing Tunisian-Pizza which I will try to recreate once I get back to St Andrews (I forgot my camera so no photos of that).
Anyhow, I hope you're all having a fab time wherever you are and I shall be back with more tales and photos:)

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