Thursday, 8 July 2010

Pea and Chèvre Pâté

A few weeks ago I was stuck trying to figure out what to cook. I was too lazy to actually cook but another day of apples and peanut butter was just not an option. And so I was searching the shelves of my local supermarket (you know that feeling when you know you have to buy something sensible but you're wondering how little effort you can get away with) when I came across a packet of shelled peas. I always seem to miss the point when they start selling fresh peas but it always makes me incredibly happy to see them smiling at me waiting to be eaten :)
I had just come across a recipe for a pea and goat's cheese spread on La Tartine Gourmande so that made the decision for me.

Pea and Chèvre Pâté
Olive oil

Boil the peas until they're just getting tender (this should take 2-3 minutes max), rinse them in cold water, mix them with the chèvre using a blender, season with the salt, pepper, olive oil and some chopped mint leaves.
Enjoy in the company of some amazing friends and good banter (oh, and rosé bubbly doesn't hurt either :) )

I hope you have a fabulous beginning of the weekend and I shall write again once I finally get home (imagine me doing a little dance of joy here).


  1. The company was beyond lovely!

  2. It looks AMAZING! I'm so gonna have to make that soon.


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