Friday, 30 July 2010

Lemon & Mint Water

Today's recipe is in loving memory of the week of actual summer I got to experience in Berlin (I am sitting here in St Andrews contemplating whether it's ok to either dig out the cashmere or to wear two cardigans on top of each other in July). Judith made some incredibly refreshing mint water when I was staying with her and I've been hooked since. If you are like me and you get bored with drinking water halfway through the day but you're not that into the idea of drinking soda all day long this is your drink.
I hope it's warmer where you are :)

Lemon & Mint Water
Some mint leaves (if you're making about a litre, a handful should be fine)
Some lemon zest

Put everything into a jug/bottle/whatever you want to use and chill overnight.
Now that was easy :)

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