Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Plum Ice-Cream

At some point a few days ago I started daydreaming about plum ice-cream. I don't remember ever eating plum ice-cream before but I consistently kept imagining what it would taste like and how gloriously summery it would be.
It was getting quite distracting, I was working on a talk and every second slide or so I noticed my train of thought going something like this: 'how could I explain this? perhaps if I draw it as a top down view it will work better.....hmm.....plum ice-cream....hang on, I'm supposed to work!!! But the ice-cream would be sooo nice.....'.
So armed with a BBC Good Food recipe (the original was more sugar and cream heavy....sounded nice as well, but I wanted plum-awesomeness) I decided to raid my mum's freezer instead of working.
We'll have some more of it tonight with lots and lots of mezze that I'm gonna make with my friend Juliane - photos and recipes will follow.

Plum Ice-Cream
900g Pitted plums, fresh or frozen
1/2 Cinnamon stick
1 Cardamom pod
2tbsp Sugar
4 Eggs
150g Icing sugar
400ml Cream

Cut the plums into pieces (quarters should be fine) and put them into a heavy bottomed pot with the cinnamon, cardamom and sugar. Heat slowly for 10 minutes until they're swimming in plum juice.
Turn up the heat a bit and simmer for another 5-10 minutes.
Take of the heat and allow the mix to cool completely (give it some time!) then stick it into the fridge.
Heat the eggs and the icing sugar in a bowl over, not in (the BBC told me) a pot of boiling water and continuously beat it with an electric whisk. Heat until the eggs are heated through, take it of the heat and keep beating until the mix has trebled in volume (this is another one of those things that the BBC told me....my mix just about doubled, no trebling in sight).
Put the mixture into the fridge and leave it there until you need it.
Once everything is properly cold, whip the cream until soft peaks are just starting to form.
Mix everything together and put it into an ice-cream maker or a container that fits into your freezer.
If you're using the ice-cream maker follow the instructions, otherwise give it an hour and then scrape down the first crystals at the sides with a fork before putting it back in (repeat every hour or so until everything is properly frozen).
Enjoy on your own (that way you don't have to share it) :)

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