Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sweet Potato Pancakes

I think I have a new favourite type of pancakes.
And guess what - they are made with sweet potatoes. I mean not that we've been having a theme going on :)
Kelsey and I went to Highland Bakery for brunch this weekend (you know...when in Rome...) and shared some of the French Toast which I already told you all about last year :)

but we also had some sweet potato pancakes and they changed the way I think about brunch...

I mean pancakes are awesome, sweet potatoes are even better, but put the two of them together and you get something 10 times more amazing!
Think the creaminess of sweet potatoes, perfectly fried crispy edges of your pancakes, and then you drown them in brown sugar butter :)
Can you think of anything better?
Because I can't!


  1. Have you had their corn cilantro pancakes? Now I get that every time. Layers of corn and blackbeans and tomato sauce and a fried egg... AMAZING

  2. Didn't one of us have that last year?
    I think I'm too sold on the sweet potato pancake idea though...two of my favourite foods combined in one perfect breakfast :)
    We'll have to do brunch when I get back!


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