Monday, 16 May 2011

Dinner at Momofuku

I'm finally getting around to posting again. I got a bit sidetracked by eating a lot of mediocre food in Florida while catching up with some very lovely people (ok, and I was a bit too busy looking at posters and sitting at the beach to fully explore the culinary potential of Naples) and I haven't really had a chance to breathe since I got to New York (in a good way though).
Yesterday I finally had a chance to meet up with my sister and we went to Momofuku Noodle Bar.
And yes, in case you have the book as well - it tastes as amazing as you think it will when you're looking at the recipes.
Let me make you hungry with some photos of what we had :)

Lychee and yuzu slushies...

The pork buns....

Cauliflower and some other awesome stuff

Ginger scallion noodles....hmmmm

Momofuku ramen....

After dinner we went to their Milkbar for some dessert (because there's always room for dessert, even when you've just stuffed yourself with some of the most amazing pork buns and noodles) where I discovered the amazingness of cereal milk...and crack pie...and some amazing strawberry lemon cake truffles (didn't take a photo of that).

I walked home a very happy person on a slight sugar high.

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