Friday, 21 January 2011

Let's Call It Trifle...

As I promised you last night, here is the recipe for my take on trifle. We've been calling it trifle mainly because we can't think of a better word, but if you're like me and the thought of shop-bought custard mixed with tinned 'fruit cocktail' makes you not want to have desert for the next month, then this might be the desert for you :)
It's especially handy when you've been invited to a pot-luck dinner and you know there won't be any space in the fridge or when you're having a dinner party and you know you'll be too busy to deal with the desert in the evening - make it in the morning, even the night before (because it get's better and better if you leave it to do it's magic for more than just a couple of hours).

Stacked Berry Trifle
Sponge Fingers (for my pyrex bowl I go though about 300g of them)
1kg 0% Greek Yoghurt or Quark or Curd  (in my mum's recipe this gets mixed with some whipped cream but I don't like what that does to the flavour, but if you don't like the taste of the above try combining it with some freshly whipped cream)
150g Sugar 
1 tbsp Cointreau 
5cm (or so) Vanilla Pod
500g Frozen Mixed Berries

Mix the Greek yoghurt with the sugar and Cointreau, scrape the seeds out of the vanilla pod and add to the mix. This will be rather sweet but unless you don't have any red currants in your berry mix you'll need the sweetness of the yoghurt mix to balance their tartness.
Also, if you don't want to use alcohol in the mix, just replace the Cointreau with some orange or lemon juice.
Put some sponge fingers at the bottom of whichever bowl you will be serving the trifle in, cover with some yoghurt mix and then add a layer of berries.
Repeat until the bowl is full/you've run out of ingredients. It's nice to finish with a yoghurt or berry layer, though.
Cover and either store it in your fridge or somewhere it's out of your way in your kitchen :)

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  1. C'est top! Thank you so much, I'll report on how it went down with the guests!


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