Thursday, 13 January 2011

Convenience Food

©Kathleen Dowling

One of the worst things my dad would ever say about food is that it is convenience food (if you hear that word uttered you practically stop wanting to eat whatever is on your plate) and while I definitely share his sentiments about over-processed food for me it's sometimes a decision between running around trying to find something semi-nice or just eating whatever is handy and takes less than 10 minutes (and yes, before you say something, I know you can make a sandwich in less than 10 minutes, but try eating sandwiches 3 times a day).
Soooo, to finally get to the point :)
I've got a bit too much on my plate for the next few weeks work-wise but I really don't want to cave on the ready-meal front, so I've set myself the challenge to not eat a single microwave-meal for the next 4 weeks without having to stand in the kitchen for hours on end and without having to resort to take-away pizza.
It's gonna be about using whatever we can find in my cupboard and turning it into a month of semi-respectable food that will save us all some time but will still taste nice.
I hope you'll join me and perhaps you'll even find something you want to make yourself :)

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