Friday, 14 January 2011

Cardamom Infused Schokoladenpudding

So here we go, this is instalment #1 of the convenience food excursion we will be going on :)
Ok, it takes slightly longer than 10 minutes, but the amount of time you have to actually do something is way shorter!
So the next time you feel like having chocolate blancmange (see, you even learn something you know that blancmange is the same as the German Pudding) why not infuse the milk with some spices before making it?

Cardamom Infused Schokoladenpudding
500ml Milk
1 sachet 'Schokoladenpudding'  - you know you want to go and buy some, like right now :)
30g Sugar
1tbsp Maple Syrup
3 Cardamom Pods

Infuse most of the milk with the cardamom (heat it while watching and once it's just about to boil turn off the heat and cover the pot and leave it for a while - this is where you can wander off and do some actual work).
Once you're ready to get going, reheat the milk until it's nearly boiling. Fish out the cardamom pods.
Whisk the sugar, milk and blancmange powder together.
Take the milk off the heat for a sec, whisk in the chocolatey mix and start heating it again until it starts bubbling nicely.
Now, the reason I'm going through all of this is not because I think you're unable to read the instructions on the sachet, but because once you've done this, this is exactly the point where we start to take off from the instructions :)
You might be wondering what we're doing with the maple syrup - it's not just for the flavour, but I really feel that it adds some shine to the blancmange. This could obviously just be me imagining things, but then we still have the flavour on our side, but give it a go with the syrup and let me know whether it looks shinier to you too!
So, once you think it's ready, stir in the maple syrup, give it another quick stir and then pour it into some pretty bowls and wait until it's cooled and all lovely.

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