Friday, 1 July 2011


I've done a lot of experimenting with my recipes lately. There is this recipe for boozy chocolate-chip cookies, which is getting there but I am still trying to coerce more rum into the little buggers while still having them resemble a chocolate-chip cookie.
I think I might succeed with the current plan of using ground flaxseed and rum rather than eggs, but I'll have to try that this weekend.

Then there's the scones-saga that I've been whining about on twitter...I had this amazing oatmeal scone at lab-coffee a while back and you know, scones should be easy enough to make, right? Well I am on batch number 9 or so and while I'm getting close there were some interesting versions, we had one that was more closely related to a hockey puck than to a scone, then came the one that tasted of bicarb and not much else, a few batches later I got the flavour just right but they looked like they had cellulite or something

I mean I don't want ugly scones, so I am still trying and once I get it right I promise I will share the recipe with you :)

Oh, and then there's the pancake lovely friend Katharina I had these heavenly airy ricotta pancakes at Five Leaves and after the first recipe I tried was quite boring flavour-wise I have been making a batch every weekend since

(I am starting to worry about my waistline with the amount of scones and pancakes I'm eating these days) and while I feel like I'm honing in on a winner they're not quite there either.

Same goes for my peach cobbler recipe. I had always assumed that a cobbler was basically a crumble but instead of the crumble topping you had a biscuit topping (correct me if I'm wrong). But then I watched Paula Deen make peach cobbler which was something completely different. No, before you ask, there was no deep-frying involved :) but it reminded me of a clafoutis without the eggs. was lovely, but I used white self-raising flour and I think the cobbler could be just that bit nicer with some nice wholegrain flour. I just haven't decided which one to try first - the bag of Kamut is whispering to me telling me that the flavour would be perfect but I'm hesitant because I'm not convinced the texture will be right, next to it the bag of rye flour is making a more convincing argument flavour-wise but again, what should I mix it with to get it to look nice?
Buuut, the recipe is on the way so all you lovely people in places where it's peach season right now can make yourself some lovely peach cobbler (oh, and don't you worry, I've already reduced the sugar and the butter, you won't die from a heart attack when you read at the recipe :) ).
Anyhow, let's see which one of these makes it into a post first.

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