Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Toast Hawaii

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while but I've been too busy feeling sorry for myself and getting ready for my trip to the States (I'll have lots to write about for the next three weeks), oh, and the whole cooking thing hasn't really been happening...

Verena took pity on me the other day and we made Toast Hawaii.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, this is like the best invention since sliced bread, for those of you who know what I'm talking about, don't you dare laugh at me - I'm trying to cook with one hand...and turning on the grill just about works...getting the baking tray in and out of the oven is already interesting...
And since we are giving you such a hardcore recipe today we thought we should take a step back and and give you proper step by step instructions with our best 1970s style photo skillz :)

 © Verena Kersken

First of all you need pineapples (and two hands to open the stupid can)
While you're prancing around the kitchen turn on the grill in your oven (or if you have one of those retro toaster ovens, can you please invite me over for dinner?)

© Verena Kersken

Then pour the  juice from the pineapple into a glass so someone like me can drink it while someone like Verena looks at them with a look that ranges from amusement to disgust and doesn't leave anything out between.

© Verena Kersken

Oh yeah, and you also need some bread.
Then you need some ham. Verena is of the opinion that you should use cheap ham because...actually I've forgotten why we had to use cheap ham...I'm gonna skip that photo...pretend we used nice ham and buy nice ham...I had nightmares of what cheap ham looks like up close...
But if you cover the cheap ham in lots of stuff you can pretend it's not there :)

© Verena Kersken

And it's even better when you cover it in cheese and grill it for a few minutes

© Verena Kersken

And now the most important bit:

© Verena Kersken

One smiley cyclops toast hawaii :)

© Verena Kersken

I'm not sure how the whole cooking thing is going to continue, you might be getting a few more photo-centered posts in the near future but I promise as soon as my hand is better I will be getting back to baking and cooking!
You just wait, we'll be stuffing strawberries in no time ;)


  1. Oh man, I remember countless kiddies' birthday parties with this stuff - always a winner :)! I haven't eaten it in years, but maybe you've inspired me... hmmm...

    P.S. take care of your hand and get well! x

  2. You should, I mean I had this vague recollection of how awesome it was but I had forgotten the sheer amazingness of ha, grilled cheese and pineapple :)


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