Sunday, 8 August 2010

Japanese Salad

After a weekend of rather disappointing food in Hamburg (I got to see my grandma so that made up for the food) I feel the need to write about something that leaves you feeling healthy and energetic.
This will probably also be the last semi-healthy recipe for a while because I'm at home with my parents again and after reading Melissa Clark's article about egg free ice-cream in the NY Times earlier this week I shall be experimenting with their fancy-schmancy ice-cream machine.
Anyhow, back to today's recipe, the Japanese salad.
Anna and I were feeling rather virtuous (ok, I was since I was still wondering how all you lovely people in Berlin stay so skinny eating soo much stuff and decided I needed to eat something slightly more healthy for a change).

Japanese Salad
3 tbsp Rice wine vinegar
1 tbsp Soy sauce
2 tsp Sugar (start with one and see how you like it)
1 tsp Toasted sesame oil
1 tbsp Olive oil

Get creative with the veg, we used some mixed relatively strong salad leaves, some watercress, an avocado, some green asparagus, a carrot and some edamame.

Wash the leaves, steam the asparagus and the edamame, julienne the carrot and chop the avocado into whichever size pieces look good to you (go me for being descriptive!)
Mix all the dressing ingredients together.
Serve in a pretty bowl and have some lemon delicious rice pudding for desert - you can't go to bed feeling that virtuous :)

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