Friday, 25 June 2010

Pretty Food :)

Since I'm still in London, today's post is sans recipe....but I can promise you the most amazing french toast recipe on Sunday :) once it's all been eaten by the lovely Deans Court crowd I shall report back!
So some more pretty photos this time.....

This is from dinner I had with my lovely academic sister Vicky who I hadn't seen in too long!!!!

And I feel like this is the most depressing fortune cookie words of wisdom I've ever come across....

Anyhow....have a lovely beginning of the weekend and I'm off to catch my train back home :)


  1. yay...come home...! yay for french toast.

  2. I'm armed with lots of maple syrup and i'll make some more of the challah bread my mum gave me....i think we had some of that for brunch on the 1st of January..if I remember things depending on what I find in tesco tomorrow when I go shopping it's either gonna be loads and loads of french toast or I might make some rhubarb tartlets(i know the season is kinda over)....I've promised my mum the recipe but I haven't made them in a while so I'd rather try them again before handing out recipes....I know the people she's making them for :)

  3. That is a pretty pathetic fortune to get! I somehow feel self-pity reading it. :(

  4. I know.....the cookie itself was awesome was a coconut flavoured fortune cookie roll


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