Thursday, 15 April 2010

Northpoint Hot Chocolate

Up here in St Andrews we've got this cafe called Northpoint and they serve the most amazing griddle melts and do a decent American breakfast...but the best thing about them is their hot chocolate. They top it with marshmallows and cream (ok, so far not that exciting...) and then you can have maltesers on top or chocolate buttons or mini-oreos....when you feel down on one of those glum days in November....or actually at any point if we're being honest this is a real pick-me-up.
The last time I was down in London I went to Hope and Greenwod for the first time. It's this lovely old-fashioned confectioner's and they have the most amazing sweets! So when I saw their chocolate buttons I obviously had to buy some to make my own hot chocolate creation :)

So when another cold, windy, and generally horrendous day came along a couple of weeks ago they finally got their chance....pure joy in a cup :)

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