Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Vegan Peanut & Cocoa 'Milk'

You were supposed to get a cupcake recipe today, but it's hot in Berlin...and I don't want to think about baking anything today so instead I thought I could write about this new obsession of mine.
Anything that involves ice or ice-cream :)
Today's recipe is mainly motivated by the fact that Alpro/Provamel finally started selling almond milk in Germany which means I have been using almond milk for everything lately and that I was craving chocolate and didn't have any in my depressingly understocked kitchen.
So, without further ado - let's make a super tasty drink that requires nothing but store cupboard staples (ok, that one is only true if you have an equally weird store cupboard as mine).

Vegan Peanut & Cocoa 'Milk'
(for 1 large glass)
2 tsp Cocoa Powder
4 tbsp Boiling Water (this is an approximation)
Almond Milk (enough to fill 2/3 of your glass)
2 tsp PB2 (or if you don't have any just use normal peanut butter or peanut flour)
1/4 small Avocado
1/2 small Banana
Agave Syrup
Lots and lots of Ice Cubes

In a blender mix the cocoa powder with the boiling water so it turns into a thin paste. Add the almond milk, then add the PB2, avocado, and banana. Blend until you have a more or less smooth mix. If you feel like it's not sweet enough, add some agave syrup or if you'd rather use some stevia, that works as well.
Fill your glass with as many ice cubes as you want (yes, those are pacman ice cubes in my glass...), then add the mix from the blender and if there's still some space at the top you could add some more almond milk...
Now, hopefully you'll have the same random collection of things in your store cupboard :)
I hope you have a fantastic evening!

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