Friday, 20 April 2012


I spent the week in Scotland and I am quite scared to describe the feelings I had when I sat on the bus to St Andrews.
Because what it felt like was coming home.
You know the calm and somewhat warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you come home to wherever you call home? Well it was just like that.
I was really surprised by that because I pretty much spent the last 7 years complaining about the cold and the food and the rain and the lack of decent public transport and the weird pick-up-lines guys use :)
Yet, here I was sitting on a smelly bus with a lady who probably should have washed her hair about 5 days ago and all I could think about was how I had missed the place.
Since I am now feeling super nostalgic I have decided to share a few photos with you (old and new...some are from when I first visited St Andrews 8 years ago while trying to work out where and what to study).
I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Where do you feel at home?

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