Friday, 11 November 2011

It's been a while

Hello there, it's been a while, hasn't it?
I know...I could have written about comfort food etc, but if you want the slightly embarrassing truth - I haven't cooked a single meal since my last post.
First I was hiding away from the world writing like a crazy person, then I moved the last 7 years of my life back home, just to hide away from the world a bit more do continue writing - I was at home for 4 weeks and I pretty much only left my room to eat and the house to go running (don't tell anyone, I'm slightly horrified by that part) and now I have been travelling for the last two weeks.
So, you see - no time to cook.
But I thought I could share some photos of the last two weeks with you.
We went on a road-trip through coastal Georgia and Florida because I didn't really see the sun this summer (in case you haven't heard me complain about my summer - I didn't have one - wherever I went it was raining and cold). So where do you go in November to find some sun?
The last time I drove past this sign it was raining like crazy and hadn't really stopped in 3 days. So this was obviously a good sign.
We stopped at The Lady & Sons (I really couldn't not go since I am slightly obsessed by that video of Paula Deen making deep-fried cheesecake)

We went over a gazillion bridges (have I ever mentioned that I love driving over bridges?) and every time I saw one coming up my mum had to get out her camera to take a picture...

We saw 4 lighthouses (and didn't go up a single one)

We went to an orange grove (I love going to orange groves and picking out my own oranges)

My mum had her very first breakfast burrito (that one took some convincing)

We went shelling

And then my mum took embarrassing photos of me in my bikini which you're not gonna see because before anyone ever sees me again in a bikini I'm gonna go on a diet or something...anyhow...lots of fun, lots of writing, and when I get back home in two weeks my suitcase and I are moving to Berlin, but that's a different story...


  1. I ate oranges today, too!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good oranges are such a wonderful thing :) my problem is always that whenever I eat fresh oranges in Florida I don't like the ones I can get in Europe anymore...

  3. You're already moving??? DUDE, that one completely passed me by. That's so awesome!!! (Come visit Hamburg!)

  4. Well that is because I was already travelling when things finally got sorted and I've been busy sending documents to Germany....I'll definitely come and visit you in Hamburg! Not sure whether I'll manage to get myself organised before Christmas but definitely in the new year!!!

  5. Well Done! Hope you like Berlin, I certainly loved it the last 5 years, but now for a taste of Switzerland!

  6. Thank you!!! I'm super excited :) I'm sure you'll have a fab time in Switzerland!


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