Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tortilla Chips

Before I say anything else - if this post looks really weird, I'm sorry - my mac is away getting cosmetic surgery (I might have dropped it) so I am relying on a linux machine which is all lovely and everything but my entire blog looks different on it and if this post looks about as bad on your machine as it looks on mine right now I'm apologising in advance - because it was not supposed to look like this!
If you grew up in the States and have moved to Europe or are from Europe and spent some time stateside you will have noticed tortilla chips over here come in very weird flavours and if you are lucky enough to find simple, plain, salted ones you will (after dying from shock when you find out how expensive they are) realise that they still taste weird. Ok, eating less of them is probably not a bad idea anyway but sometimes the only thing that will do is some tortilla chips and some good homemade guacamole. Luckily my friend Katie (who also makes a mean guac) showed me how to make your own tortilla chips and now I'm telling you so you can be as content as I was when we first made them.

Tortilla Chips (enough for 4-6 people)
8 Tortilla Wraps(I use the corn ones but wheat is quite nice as well)
1 Lime
Salt (optional)

Turn on the broiler in your oven (or preheat it to 220-250˚C if you don't have one).
Using scissors or a knife, cut the tortilla wraps into pieces. 
Arrange some of the pieces on a baking sheet - make sure they don't overlap, but don't worry if they're really close either.
Rub the top with some lime juice. I find the easiest way of doing this is cutting the lime in half as if you were to juice it and then cutting each half into quarters. The pieces you end up with are easier to handle than if you' attempt to rub half a lime across the tortilla pieces.
If you want your tortilla chips slightly salty I would sprinkle them with salt now because that way it will stick to them rather than just falling off later.
Put the baking sheet under the broiler and stand next to your oven waiting for the chips to become slightly browned and crispy. Do not walk away from your oven!!! They tend to not do anything for ages and then suddenly you look away for a second and they are somewhere between done and over-done.
Repeat with the remaining tortilla pieces.

I don't think you'll really need any suggestions as to what you could eat with them. But I normally make them when I take the baked artichoke dip to a party (because that one really doesn't do well with the flavoured chips) 

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  1. Oh. My. God. So simple yet such an amazing idea. Also... please can we have the guacamole recipe to go with them? (I have a decent one myself but you know, willingness to improve and all that)


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